• Placer County Homeless Resource Helpline
    Referral to shelter
    833-375-2237 (833-3PLACER)
  • The Gathering Inn
  • Donations
    916-791-9355 Ext. 100

To stay at The Gathering Inn, a referral through the Coordinated Entry system is required. To get a referral, call the Placer County Homeless Resource Helpline at 1-833-375-2237 (or 1-833-3PLACER).

The Gathering Inn South Placer is a family emergency shelter in Placer County. It is a nomadic shelter by nature and all guests are hosted by a different house of worship every night that provides shelter and a hot meal.

The shelter offers a chance for individuals and families it serves to build better lives and sustainable futures in the community.

On their campus, The Gathering Inn offers:
  • Access to Recovery classes
  • Dental Clinic
  • Medical Clinic - open to the public every Saturday morning
  • A daytime Resource Center with access to supports and computers
  • Bi-weekly adaptive Life Skills classes that address guests' individual barriers
  • Ready to Rent classes
  • Bi-weekly Clothing Closet - open to the neighborhood and other agencies
  • Collaborative case management to address any challenges guests may have
  • COVID-19 tests can be provided by trained staff when necessary

  • Mon-Fri

As of 6/8/2022:
TGI Roseville (South Placer) is open and taking new guests starting tomorrow, 6/9/22. So people can receive referrals as soon as tomorrow.
As of 5/26/2022:
The Gathering Inn in Roseville is NOT accepting referrals to the shelter at this time. TGI Roseville is on a temporary COVID Lockdown. 2-1-1 will receive an update as TGI Roseville gets closer to reopening.
As of 1/07/2022: The Gathering Inn in Roseville is NOT accepting referrals for people who are (or were) staying at TGI Auburn and plan to leave (or left) while under lockdown. TGI Auburn is on a 2 week lockdown (including weekends) due to a COVID-19 outbreak. People are being isolated (if COVID-19 positive) and quarantined (due to possible exposure). People who self-exit during the two week lockdown (Friday 1/7 - Friday 1/21) are informed upon leaving that they cannot receive a shelter referral to TGI Roseville because they are not following the protocol provided by Placer County Public Health Division (PCPHD).
As of 11/01/2021: The Gathering Inn in Roseville is re-opening to the public for day services and new intakes for the shelter on Tuesday, 11/02/2021. There are new protocols for entry into The Gathering Inn in Roseville as follows:


Day Services:
  • Every individual that comes through the gate must have a Rapid COVID test, Screening (Questionnaire), and Temperature check.
  • A Resource Manager/Monitor will be placed in front of the small gate during Resource Center hours.
  • The big gate is unlocked but closed to help with monitoring those that come in.
  • The Resource Helper will be at the desk to answer questions, print out any paperwork from any clients, and help the Resource Manager with anything as needed.

Overnight Program:
  • Any Clients reporting symptoms that could be related to COVID will need a Rapid test done by The Gathering Inn and cleared by a Medical Professional before allowing clients to check in. COVID-19 tests performed at The Gathering Inn will be sent to a lab. Results will be available within 48 hours. If clients refuse to receive a test at TGI, they may go to their Primary Care Physician or a COVID-19 test site. Regardless of where the COVID-19 test is performed, TGI will need to review the test results before determining whether the client can stay at the overnight shelter.
  • Masks are mandatory. Masks can be provided at The Gathering Inn. Staff will be enforcing the protocol. If not followed, this will result in one night out. This means that the client will not be allowed to stay at the overnight shelter for one night. If the situation continues, this will result in multiple nights out until COVID-19 minimizes.