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Project GO processes applications for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Project Go also processes applications for utility payment assistance through the American Relief Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021 while funds last. It is the same application as for LIHEAP and Project Go staff can determine which program is most appropriate for different people to apply for. As of November 2021, LIHEAP can pay up to $1,000 to qualified applicants and ARPA can pay up to $3,000.

What is LIHEAP?
LIHEAP stands for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program; this program helps low-income people pay the cost of heating and cooling their homes.
LIHEAP is a federally funded program, and many Californians can qualify.​​
LIHEAP can offer a one-time payment to help you:​​​​​
  • Pay your heating or cooling bills, even if you use wood, propane, or oil.​
  • In an emergency or energy crisis, such as a utility disconnection.​​
In addition to help with paying ​​your energy bill, LIHEAP can also provide in-home weatherization services. See below.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) offers:
  • Weatherization assistance
    • Assistance to low-income residents to reduce their energy costs by installing attic and floor insulation, door weather-stripping, caulking, low flow water devices, energy efficient lighting, repairing or replacing defective heating/cooling units, water heaters, refrigerators, microwave ovens, or other appliances and minor home repairs.
  • Wood/oil/propane assistance
  • Utility (emergency and non-emergency) payment assistance. Amount of financial assistance depends on household size, income, amount of bill, and availability of funding. LIHEAP may be able to help with up to $1,000 for a bill that high or higher if funding is available. For income eligibility and program information, call (888) 524-5705 and follow the prompts (as applicable): 
    - If your utilities have been shut off or you have no propane: PRESS 1, when prompted.
    - If you have received a 24 or 48-hour shutoff notice or 15-day notice: Enter 2, when prompted.
    - For wood, propane or general assistance: Enter 3, when prompted.
  • My heat will be shut off tomorrow. What should I do?
    Call 888-524-5705 and follow the prompts shown above.  The Energy Crisis Intervention Program provides payments for weather-related or energy-related emergencies, caused by natural disasters, or a significant increase in:  (1) home energy supply shortages or disruptions; (2) the cost of home energy; (3) home energy disconnection (i.e. shut-off notices).
  • I received assistance with my utility bill earlier this year. Can I receive assistance again?
    Assistance is limited to one time every twleve (12) months.
During COVID-19: Office is NOT open to the public. Project Go accepts phone calls, faxes, emails and US Mail for inquiries and application processing.